Liquid Environmental Solutions

Happy Earth Day!

When It Comes to the Environment, We’re All in This Together

LES’ commitment to the environment dictates that safeguarding the world around us is more than a duty; it’s the reason we exist.

By managing the entire liquid waste lifecycle, we support our customers and their sustainability programs by maximizing beneficial reuse, increasing landfill diversions and preserving our most precious resource - water - of which we recycle more than 300 million gallons annually. We also recycle up to 95% of the liquid waste we collect, and, last year, nearly 10% of the brown grease we collected was transformed into renewable energy sources like biodiesel.

We set high standards for environmental stewardship and sustainability, and are leading the way in non-hazardous liquid waste management by providing a level of innovation, performance, service and value that is unmatched in our industry.

On behalf of our entire team, we wish you a very happy Earth Day 2020!