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Happy National Customer Service Week!

National Customer Service Week was initially established by International Customer Service Association (ICSA, now PACE) in 1984.

Through letters and phone calls, ICSA raised awareness and gained support. By 1992, Former US Senators Robert Dole and Nancy Kassebaum, along with US Representatives Dan Glickman and Pat Roberts, championed this dynamic legislation on Capitol Hill.

The US Congress proclaimed National Customer Service Week in 1992, and in October, President George H. Bush, via Presidential Proclamation #6485, proclaimed the first full business week of each October National Customer Service Week.

The main purpose of National Customer Service Week is to recognize the job that our customer service professionals do 52 weeks a year, and to get the message across that customer service is critically important – to customers, employees and the bottom line – to running a business.

This year’s theme, Ignite a CX Celebration, recognizes that the customer experience in 2020 has been like no other. The impact of events affecting the world today have forever changed the way in which LES and our employees engage with customers. There is a new spark, an awareness of the importance of cultivating the customer experience at every point of engagement. And so, we believe this spark will continue to grow as we recognize and celebrate the significance of Customer Service today.

Thank you, Customer Solutions Team, for everything that you do!