Liquid Environmental Solutions

It’s Time to (Spring) Clean Your Grease Trap!

Maintaining your grease trap and/or interceptor helps keep your business operating, while protecting our waterways. It’s a smart approach for both your business and the environment.

Restaurants that have a built-in grease trap and/or interceptor need to make sure they’re maintained properly, on a recurring schedule to prevent back-ups and overflow. Depending on the types of foods your restaurant prepares, the volume of business and the type of trap you have, the optimal frequency for maintenance can vary from monthly to once a year.

It’s recommended that, if you haven't had your grease trap and/or interceptor cleaned recently, and are not on a regular schedule, you have this service performed as soon as possible.

Evacuating 100% of the grease content and giving it a thorough cleaning not only keeps you in compliance with regulations, but also helps protect and extend the life of your grease trap and/or interceptor.

LES can service any grease trap and/or interceptor from coast to coast, so click here to find out what frequency is right for you.