Liquid Environmental Solutions

RFMA Gives

Our industry and our customers give us so much by way of their business and loyalty, so we're paying-forward that goodwill through RFMA Gives - an organization that LES has been a member of since 2006.

What is RFMA Gives? With the first project completed in 2011, each year RFMA selects a charitable shelter or kitchen that’s in need of repairs or remodeling. They pool the talents and resources of RFMA members and share them with the chosen non-profit food service organization in an effort to make a significant difference in its ability to serve the community.

For 2020, LES is committing 12-months worth of grease trap services to the Stout Street Foundation, whose mission is “to provide a supportive, therapeutic community for addicts and alcoholics to help them help themselves so they may return to society as recovering, productive, and responsible citizens." LES will also be sending two representatives, Michelle Besterfeldt and Nick Torcoletti, to the September 21, 2019 day of service, also benefiting Stout Street Foundation.

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Stay tuned for more on how we're giving back to the communities we serve.