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Why Your Restaurant Should Open a Ghost Kitchen

It’s Time to Strike While the Iron is Hot.

Every once a while, technologies create opportunities that change industries. Right now, the restaurant industry is going through a change that will alter it forever. Ghost (or cloud, virtual, dark) kitchens represent an opportunity like you have never seen before. And for good reason:

  • They are cheap to open.
  • They do not require much staff.
  • They do not require a brick-and-mortar restaurant.
  • You only need a good concept, a simple menu, free technology and a couple of cooks (you might even have them already).

You're probably thinking that this sounds amazing for other restaurants, but what about for me? Should I open a ghost kitchen? Should I open a ghost kitchen selling food that is different from what I'm currently selling in my restaurant? Should I open a ghost kitchen selling food that's already on my menu? The quick answer is, yes, you should open at least one ghost kitchen right now!

Read more about this explosive trend here, and contact LES once you have your ghost kitchen up and running. We can service any grease trap or interceptor from coast to coast.

Credit: FSR.