Liquid Environmental Solutions

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Smart Acquisitions and an Emphasis on Safety Are a Winning Combo for a Big-Time Grease Hauler

Liquid Environmental Solutions recycles a whopping 400 million gallons of grease annually. But even smaller operators can glean helpful tips from the national service provider.

Pumping companies looking to diversify services, as well as generate an additional revenue stream by collecting and recycling grease trap waste, may benefit from business-building strategies utilized by a giant in the commercial wastewater industry.

The lessons from Liquid Environmental Solutions include nurturing good employees, making smart investments in technology and equipment, emphasizing employee safety, and growing through acquisition; the company has added nearly two dozen companies in 16 years.

To grasp the size of the Dallas-based company, consider these figures: Nearly 400 million gallons of grease trap waste and roughly 100 million pounds of used cooking oil are collected and recycled annually. More than 3.6 million gallons of brown grease recovered annually from grease trap waste. Approximately 650 employees working at 52 different branch locations. Two dozen treatment facilities that handle everything from grease trap waste to grit from car-wash pits. In excess of $150 million in annual gross revenue. And more than 500 pieces of rolling stock, including several hundred tanker trailers and vacuum trucks rolling across the nation’s roads and highways.

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